Ecology - Respect for the enviroment

  • The cure of all cultures is  certified organic.
  • Absolutely no fossil fuels are used.
  • 70 Kw of fotovoltaic-panels produce enough electric power in order to yield  overproduction in the net.
  • This fact alone equals a 3.7 Kg. of CO2 saving of per bottle of wine!
  • 5000 meters of tubing at a depth of 2 m in the soil, deliver geothermical energy to our heat pumps for climatisation.
  • Energy efficient under floor heating and humidity-controlled air conditioning provide a perfect internal climate troughout the year.
  • The best Insulating windows available reduce the loss of energy to a minimum
  • 50 % of the whole illumination consists of LED technology, 30 % of fluorescent lamps and only 20 % are for 'romantic' reasons  light bulbs.
  • All rooms are coloured with pure mineral 'stucco'. No synthetic painting was used.